Saturday, November 22, 2008

This should be the last of my red flowers. These are from two big bushes that are in my front yard. When I bought a plant about 20 years ago, the package said it was a miniature rose. It wasn't but it's turned out to be a delightful plant. Nothing fancy and if not contained, it spreads all over the place. It requires no fancy care and doesn't get black spot or any other rose diseases.

It roots easily from cuttings and that's why I have two. My lawn guys cut it back regularly and take the clippings home to make more. Most of my neighbors have plants that were started from my first one. It blooms all year round and has a simple old fashioned bloom that has a nice fragrance.

Paris Countdown:23 days


jill said...

What beautiful roses!

Abraham Lincoln said...

Your roses are quite beautiful.

And to respond to your raccoon story and cats and possums.

I fed this mother until she got her babies weaned and then we took off for a few days and when we came back they were gone. They are great opportunists

Peter said...

Wonderful rose plant!

I hae been busy the whole week with blogger visitors! Hope to meet you when it's your time in Paris!

Karen said...

I'm happy you like the roses.

Abe, nice of you to feed the critters..

It would be very nice to meet you when I'm in your beautiful city.

babooshka said...

All your flower shows have a special beauty.

Neva said...

What a lovely nice that it does not require a lot of maintenance....something I am not very good at.