Sunday, November 9, 2008

I know that this is a rather boring photograph but it's just to set the scene for the next few days. This is Queen Ann's Lace quilt store and once was located on the busy Highway 192 just North of our downtown area. I worked there for many years and have closets and shelves full of fabric to prove it.

I enjoyed making quilts. Picking the fabrics, cutting it up and spending hours piecing them together was the best part. There's something zen about the sound of the sewing machine. It's when the mind wanders and ideas for the next quilt and the one after that seem to be born. What if I did that instead of this? What other colors would work? What if I turned these blocks in a differnt direction?

Now the store is downtown, with a new owner and except for one old friend, a new staff. One thing I like about this one is that they have a store cat. She's lovely and I think tomorrow I'll post her photo.

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Katney said...

I scrolled down from the urching sculpture--whe I waw the word Quilt Shop. It looks like a great shop. I wish we had more closer to where I am.