Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is a strange little sculpture made up of railroad spikes and is only indirectly related to the Quilt Shop. Our city has been displaying scultures by Florida artists around the downtown area for about a year now. This little "urchin" sculpture was part of the second group. I took the photo just outside the door of the quilt shop. I called them the next day because I had neglected to write down any information on this spikey little thing. My friend went outside and the pedestal was empty. All of the sculpture pedestals were. It was time to take them down and put up another round.

So.. I have no information on this work of art.. No artist, no name, no source, no nothing... but I have learned a valuable lesson. Write down any important information when the photo is taken.
So if you are the artist, or know who the artist is, contact me and I will edit this post and give proper credit for it.

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