Monday, November 17, 2008

These are two of the friendly Sandhill Cranes who regularly visit my yard. They mate for life and are great moochers.. We aren't allowed to feed them but I still sneak them something now and then.

They are fun to watch when the male dances for the female or when they find a small twig and pretend it's prey.


Abraham Lincoln said...

I am so glad you are watching these magnificent birds who do an excellent job at staying together. They must have found a home there. And I suppose they are happy that they found you. Beautiful birds deserve a beautiful photograph like this one of them you took.

Z said...

That is cool! Love the red hats they have on.

There is some type of large bird that forages in the fields on the edges of Villigen but I haven't identified it. When I do, I'll post a photo. BTW, thank you for your visits and comments. To answer your question: I always put the date of the photo at the bottom of the post (in small italics). The balcony photo is from 3 weeks ago.

parisa said...

It's fun to see the birds dancing!! You're lucky to see them. I want to see it!