Sunday, November 30, 2008

I stayed home today because the cable repairman was due. My DVR has been acting up for two weeks and this is third scheduled visit.. Boxes have been swapped out, cable lines have been replaced and much pole climbing and testing has been done. Right now it is working but not sure if it will last.

My cable connection has been erratic in the past but today was only out for a few hours so I did spend much time here. Early morning it was with a cup of coffee with a switch to herbal tea for the rest of the day. This is my favorite mug. It has a drawing of a cat and a tiny mouse and reads "Chat et souris".. I have had this for years and it is a nice big comfortable cup so it is my photo for the day. I am still worn out from "Turkey Day" and beginning to want something more than leftovers.

Paris Countdown: 15 Days!!


jill said...

Very cute cup. Cat and mouse?? We went out for steak, but today I'll make homemade noodles and turkey with the leftovers.

Z said...

Hope your cable gets sorted out soon.

Nice mug. Once or twice a year, I change mugs. Right now I have one with a black and white floral pattern.