Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Kissimmee Sculpture Experience has a new group of works on display.. This is in front of the Quilt shop. It is "Holding Fixture" by Bill Platt of Chuluota, Florida. Medium is Steel. Measures 24" X 36" and weighs 150 lbs.

I hope to get downtown this week to photograph more of these. I've noticed that there seem to be more color in this new batch.

Paris Countdown: 19 Days


Olivier said...

surprenante cette sculpture, on dirait une version 'mécanique' d'une grenouille.
amazing this sculpture, they would say a 'mechanical ' version of a frog.

Mo said...

Like Olivier I see a frog. Is their a relationship with the quilting store?

tr3nta said...

Strange bbut at the same time interesting sculpture.

Karen said...

Mo, no relationship to the quilt store.. I just happened to be there and photographed it.. The city has a stand there for the rotating sculptures and this is the newest one.
It appears to be something that would fold and hold something with the arms.. there is another type of arm in the back that you cannot see in the photo.. It, too, looks as if it should fold or grab something but all the parts are welded so as to not move.
I thought it interesting and like tr3nta, strange... and I now see the Frog... hahah.. very good, Olivier..

babooshka said...

A frog jumpe to mind to a lot of us. It's an interesting piece.

Brandon Darnell said...


I've been reading your blogs over the past few days. They're very interesting. I wanted to say thank you for the nice comment on my blog as well.

I currently work as a reporter for a small town in California (not worth a daily photo blog :), but I'm trying to move to Paris next year and pursue travel journalism.

I also saw that you have 18 days to Paris (on PDP). I'm headed to Prague on the 11th and will be in Paris from the 23-26. I've never been there during the winter, and I can't wait.

Have a good time on your trip!

jill said...

I was trying to figure out how this could help in quilt-making. I was thinking 'tool' rather than 'art'!

I share your excitement. May I vicariously travel with you? Please tease us with some of your plans!