Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is the new St. Cloud city hall. It spans what was a through street but now dead-ends here.

I just learned that the city was named after a Paris suburb and that there is a book available about St. Cloud, Florida.

This photo is of a mural on the side of one of the downtown buildings.

From the book review:"In the heart of Central Florida lies St. Cloud, an amiable city with a bright future and a colorful past. Located in Osceola County, only a short distance from the Sunshine State's most-visited tourist attractions, the city has benefited greatly from its unique locale. But long before the city attracted sightseers, it was a booming sugar exporter and a haven for retired Civil War veterans. The town, named for a Paris suburb, was incorporated in 1911 as a "soldier's colony" and was touted for its "health, climate, and productiveness of the soil." Today, St. Cloud celebrates its diverse population, ideal location, and agricultural history.

Original images, including scenes from the 1917 fire, underscored with informative text abound in Images of America: St. Cloud. Revealed inside is the impact that Hamilton Disston and the many army veterans who settled here had on the city's development. Highlighted in this delightful photo journal are communities such as Alligator Lake, Narcoossee, Runnymeade, and Ashton that are uniquely St. Cloud. Showcased are the diverse people, places, and events that make St. Cloud an enjoyable place to live and visit."


gogouci said...

Beautiful city hall building unlike the one here in town.

Olivier said...

superbe la peinture murale.
haughtiness the wall painting.

Cezar and Léia said...

Very interesting story!The first picture is wonderful!This building is so glamours!Trè chic!

cieldequimper said...

The mural really is quite interesting.

Peter said...

St. Cloud is not only a very nice suburb. It had also a royal castle (gone). The park is still there, beautiful! (One item more to add to your list!) :-)

Karen said...

Gogouci: Yes it is attractive and has improved the city quite a bit.
Olivier:I need to learn more about the flood of 1917.. I wasn't around then.
Cezar and Leia: Thank you for your comments. I do enjoy them.
Peter: Yes the list just keeps growing, doesn't it? A month will probably not be long enough.