Thursday, March 12, 2009

The last of the Oranges

Most of our Florida citrus has been picked and the trees have started putting out blossoms for next seasons fruit. A friend and I went to another friend's home to fill some bags with grapefruit and oranges from her lovely row of trees last week. Orange juice and grapefruit for breakfast ever since.
I have a sweet red naval orange and a lime tree that have a few left that need to be picked. It is so nice to just walk into my yard or a neighbors and fill a bag with orangesand carry them home to be washed and juiced. Besides tasting so good the smell is a delight. I will miss them.
Today I saw some California oranges in the stores so they will most likely appear at the Farmer's market in a few weeks. They look as good as ours but the taste just isn't the same.
Note my singer/musician from an earlier post in the background.


Virginia said...

YuM! Do you get those gigantic avacados there too?
Can't wait for our Pepper Place to ope;n in April I hope. ANother photographer's buffet as Bob Crowe says! Eat an orange for me.

Olivier said...

en effet on voit le chanteur ;o)) rien ne vaut les bons fruits des marchés
in effect they see the singer ;o)) nothing is worth the good fruits of markets

cieldequimper said...

Mmmm... making my mouth water! Do you also have blood oranges?

Cezar and Léia said...

It seems delicious!You know...Brazil has a tradition as well about to produce great orange!

Kind regards,
your friend Léia :-)

Peter said...

So how long do you have to wait for the next harvest ("poor you")? :-)

westondailyphoto said...

send some out way!!

Karen said...

Virginia,, yes we do. I bought one today at the market along with a little one. I will eat one for you.

Olivier, he was there again this week and was sitting and wearing a hat to stay cool. His music is very good and his jar was full of dollars. I hope he does well and comes back each week. I did print out a copy of the photo to give him next week.

Ceieldequimper, I think we do have blood oranges. I've seen them in the markets and I think they are local. I like them.

Cezar and Leia, yes I understand that Brazil has wonderful oranges. I will look for them when ours are gone.

Peter, some of the citrus will start to ripen in late November. I remember picking pink grapefruit to serve for Thanksgiving. Then we can pick throught March depending on the variety. I see that my neighbor has a tree that is full of oranges.. I must go visit her tomorrow and see if she needs help in picking them. The fresh juice is so good.

Westondailyphoto, why not just come and pick your own..