Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This is the Muslim Masjid As-sunnah . It is located just south of me on Pleasant Hill Road. Click on the name to view their website.

I have started posting some of my Paris photos on my CollageMaven's Haven Blog.


Olivier said...

c'est une mosquée ? elle est belle et traditionnelle. il n'y a pas de minaret ?

it is a mosque? it is beautiful and traditional. there is no minaret?

Karen said...

Olivier, I don't know if it is a mosque. I am not sure what it is called and couldn't find any information on their website.

There is a much more elaborate one on the other side of town and I think it has a minaret.

I will try to photograph it later today if it isn't raining too hard.

Abu said...

It is a Mosque (Masjid, in Arabic).

masjid said...

Masjid Assunnah, serving the Kissimmee and Orlando area in Florida, has facilities for prayers for males as well as females. There is a fixed imam for all 5 daily prayers and Jumuah with congregation and classes offered for adults and children.
You can visit the site at: http://www.masjidassunnah-fl.com