Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am home from my trip to Paris. Yesterday's trip home was an adventure. Snow flurries as I was leaving my hotel looked lovely and romantic for my last morning in Paris. Not so lovely and romantic at the airport when all flights were delayed and after finally boarding my 11:45 flight at 1 pm, we sat at the gate for another hour plus and then taxi'd out to wait to be de-iced for another few hours. We started moving around the runway which seemed to be a hopeful sign but as the Captain announced, they were just moving us to the other side of the airport to use a different de-icing area. Finally de-iced and then waited again in the congo line for departures.

Plane finally lifted off just before 5 pm for the 10 plus hours of flying time. That was to Atlanta where we arrived at 8:30 pm eastcoast time and had to go through the customs, immigration and get our luggage and see what flights were still available to get to our final destinations.

To shorten this long sad story, I checked bags to Orlando and waited to finally get a boarding pass for the last flight out. Mechanical problems had made it late to depart so I made it. Landed in Orlando around 1 am and after the ride home and dropping off my friend, I arrived safe and sound, but without luggage at 2 am.

Today has been catch-up day. Mail sorted and gone through. Computer was DOA so called Mr. Fix-it to come and check it out. Turned out to be a blown circuit breaker and a very expensive one at that. So I am home and computer is alive again. Now I need to relearn the US keyboard, rest a bit and my Kissimmee blog will be back up. Hopefully my time in Paris has given me a new way to look at what is around me. Give me a day or two to get some pictures and posts ready and please comment.

It will take me awhile to get my photos from Paris ready for debut and when they are, they will be on my other blog: Collagemaven's Haven.

A bientot!


Olivier said...

pas de chance, c'est très rare qu'il fasse aussi froid sur la région parisienne, et on a pas l'habitude. Attention a la post déprime parisienne. J'espère que ton séjour ta fait plaisir ;o) on attend les photos.

Virginia said...

Welcome back to the real world. It's hell for a while then you just sort of get used to it again. I look at my photos every day for a "fix". I never have jet lag. Wonder why? Maybe wine is a preventative-HA
Look forward to your photos. I have bored myself to death with my own and probably everyone in the blogosphere as well! I'm purchasing and external hard drive for this summer. I'll need it.

jill said...

Well, I should have looked at this blog first, as i just posted on your other one. So you DID get to see snow in Paris. But that icy stuff and planes--not a good mix. Glad you made it home with only tardiness. I look forward to Collagemaven's Haven.

magiceye said...

welcome back! looking forward to your new posts!!

Peter said...

Sorry about the long trip and th computer problem! You left just a few hours too late - I mean climate wise! It was so nice to see you around and I'm very curious to see what you will "produce" from your visit!