Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A pair of Sandhill cranes visit my yard most days. This is the male and he was drinking from the birdbath when I grabbed my camera and captured him looking at the statue. They are not afraid of people and so the city has banned us from feeding them. I used to buy bags of corn for them but now and then I just give them some stale bread. They seem to do well with bugs and seeds they forage for themselves. I've even seen them capture a small mole. Beautiful creatures. I enjoy their visits.


Cezar and Léia said...

oh Karen, how lucky you are!Wonderful picture!

Sunny said...

What a charming picture. How lucky to have such wonderful visitors.
Sunny :)

Lois said...

What a gorgeous bird! I would not be able to resist feeding them.

Owen said...

Hi Karen, wow, you are so lucky to have these beautiful creatures stopping by your place ! What a pleasure that must be to see them so close up.

And your spider photo just below is fascinating too... interesting, I just saw another such similar spider on a blog I enjoy alot which is up in Pennsylvania, run by Jill... it's just a few posts down now, she also mentionned that distinctive zig-zag form in the web :

Really want to thank you for all your visits, I haven't been out and around nearly as much as I'd like to lately, return to work after vacation has been crazy !

Jill said...

Hi Karen! That IS a surprise to see that we posted the same spider...I even posted a white egret a little while back. But no alligators, that's for sure!:) Thank you for visiting my blog.