Thursday, September 10, 2009

I wandered into our local mall recently to find someone to do some alterations. This mall has been here for about twenty years but has never been successful. Stores open and close.. In the beginning there were a few big anchor stores but except for a nice department store at the far end, most of them have changed over the years. At the other end as I was leaving, I spotted this store which sold lingerie and other frilly items. This was the back view of the window display. It made me giggle.


Marie said...

Very different from the previous photos. All of them are beautiful.

Cezar and Léia said...

ohmigod!Very modern style, I think I prefer more traditional! :)

and I bet it is very expensive!

Lois said...

That scene probably makes a lot of little boys giggle too!

Jacob said...

This is one good reason to be behind the times!

Karen said...

Marie, I just thought I'd take a break from the wild life.. but perhaps not.
Leia, I don't think they'd be expensive. They are missing some major parts.
Lois, yes, I guess they would.. There weren't any around when I took the photo.
Jacob , yup, I agree and they do not look at all comfortable and at my age, comfort takes priority.

Katie said...

These mannequins are great! They look quite French, n'est-ce pas? I hope we can get together in Paris next month!