Saturday, September 26, 2009

I spotted this old Maytag wringer washing machine in Lanier's, my favorite antique emporium. There 's always something new to see or should I say something old? I like this because we had one of these when I was very young and I remember standing on a stool and putting the clothes through the wringer and into the large sink to rinse and then back again.
I don't think ours was a Maytag or was accented with the lovely aqua color but if I had a place to put it I'd be tempted to buy it. My kitchen is white and aqua and has a 50's feel to it and were there space, this would fit right in. These antique stores stay in business because so many of us are buying back our childhoods.


Sunny said...

It's a probably still works!
I have a friend that just did her kitchen over with reproductions of all the old style appliances.
Sunny :)

Cezar and Léia said...

Hmmm, interesting, never seen one of those before!
God bless you!

Lois said...

My Granny had one of those on her back porch and I remember getting yelled at for getting too close to the wringers. I guess she was afraid our hands would get caught in it!