Friday, April 10, 2009

This is our Kissimmee train station. View is from the north.
"The Kissimmee Amtrak station is a train station in Kissimmee, Florida, served by Amtrak, . Kissimmee station was originally built as an Atlantic Coast Line Depot in 1910. The station was restored in 1976, but suffered some damage to the canopy during the 2004 Atlantic hurricane season.

Kissimmee Station is located across from a small Greyhound bus stop on the corner of Dakin Avenue and Thurman Street. It's one platform crosses Dakin Avenue and runs as far west as Monument Avenue. The section of this platform between Monument and Dakin Avenues once ran along a former segment of Thurman Street which is now a parking garage. The station is projected to be a station stop on the proposed SunRail system, which proposes a second platform and track.": from Wikipedia


Unseen Rajasthan said...

Nice information..gr8 post! :)
BTW I am an ardent traveler.
I have started a new blog that shows my passion for traveling—unseenrajasthan

Olivier said...

Hello Kissimmee, c'est sympathique ce HELLO ;o))

delphine said...

rebonjour! I love trains and the atmosphere of a railway station. We have a little private track that passes at the bottom of our land. An old truck dragging containers passes twice a week, each time it passes the driver lets his whistle blow- such a cheery noise!

Catherine said...

A welcoming little station. We would appreciate to get out of the train here.

Lois said...

I love train stations! My great grandfather worked for the railroad as an accountant. I used to hear stories from my grandmother about all the train depots they would visit up and down the eastern Florida coast. I'm sure they visited this one at one time or another! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Cezar and Léia said...

Very interesting! Nice to know more about your lovely city!
Happy Easter dear Karen!
Cezar, Léia and little Luna :-)

Jacob said...

Very nice...we accidentally stumbled on the train station in Ocala the other day - had never seen it before...and people were actually waiting for a train to arrive.

I was astounded. Obviously, it doesn't take much to astound me these days.

Karen said...

I, too, like the sound of the train and the tracks leading to and from the RR Station are less than 2 blocks from my home so I hear the train and sometimes feel it passing. At night the engineer seems to really enjoy using the horn. In the quiet of the night it seems longer and louder than during the day.
I grew up next to the RR tracks and there used to be a caboose on the back of the freight train. I think I posted about this awhile back. That litte red caboose was always a treat to see.
I've sat at the crossings here in my car watching the train pass but have not seen any sign of a caboose. I wonder where they all are.