Friday, April 24, 2009

Palm Tree Head!! Went to Downtown Disney last Sunday to see if the Virgin Megastore had lowered the prices. They are closing next month. From the parking lot this is the view we had of one of their large promotional signs for a Keyshia Cole but instead of her face we are greeted with a great body topped by a palm treee. I just had to take the photos and share them with all of you. Here's a link to her website so you can see her face if you want: Keyshia Cole


Lois said...

That's a funny shot!

Cezar and Léia said...

wowwwww Karen!
Fantastic creative picture!
You are great ! :-) I loved it!

By the way , today my daughter ( 15 years old )prepared a post in our kitty blog ( ) about that Twilight series!If you have time, go there to visit!

I remember that you told me your grandaughter loves it!All teens are so addicted about, I must confess I love it too! LOL

So, I can say all ""little cats"in my house like Twilight series! :-)
Okay...lets go crazy its Friday!
Have a wonderful weekend
Léia :-)

Hilda said...

Hahahahaha! Just perfect!

Small City Scenes said...

Too funny. ROFLMAO

Catherine said...

Her hair in a mess !
So funny. I wonder if it's not done on purpose. I've enlarged the little picture, and saw that it doesn't lack place to hang it elsewhere !

Olivier said...

;o))) une photo culte

Karen said...

Lois, it struck my funny bone, too.

Cezar and Leia, Glad you enjoyed it and I will check out Luna's blog in a bit.
Hilda, nice to see you again.
Small City Scenes, get up off the floor.. it's not dignified. :=]
Catherine, yes, definitely a bad hair day! I don't think it was intentional. The trees are in fixed locations and so are the display boards. I think the trees have just grown and my parking space gave me just the right angle. I love the whimsey of it.
Olivier, thanks for posting.. I do enjoy your blog and your facebook postings very much.

gogouci said...

Just too funny. I had to belly laugh. Just what I needed. Thanks.