Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th: Tax Day!

This is the entrance to my Tax preparer's office. I went there yesterday to pick up my return and found out that I owe, I owe, and off to the IRS my money will go. More money that is. I thought the amounts taken out during the year would have been more than enough but it wasn't. So a check has been written with a heavy heart and it and the return have been put in an envelope, addressed, stamped, and will be mailed before the midnight deadline tonight.


Olivier said...

c'est pas le moment le plus joyeux de l'année ;o(

is not the most joyous time of the year ;o(

Lois said...

Ugh I hate it! I paid mine online over the weekend. I would rather get a refund, but oh well!

Peter said...

It hurts!! (But of course you know that it's for the best of your fellow citizens!:-))

Cezar and Léia said...

In fact I didn't understand about this tax day there. But I guess it is an obligation for you, isn't it.
All I can say is in Brazil we pay a lot of and no refund ! :-(

Kind Regards

Jacob said...

That's the saddest story I've heard all day!

Maybe things will be better next year.

Of course, it's better than not having any income at all, even if you wouldn't have to pay taxes...

As if that's any consolation!