Saturday, December 13, 2008

This streetlamp displays the typical Florida cattle silhouette. Most of the beef cattle raised in this area are American Brahmam.

The American Brahman - the first beef breed developed in the United States - has played an important part in cattle crossbreeding programs throughout the Americas. Brahman cattle were imported from India into the United States as early as 1854 - gifts from the British government to Louisiana rancher Richard Barrows. By 1926, 266 bulls had been placed on Gulf Coast ranches from Florida to Texas.

As many Seminole elders will remember, it was the Brahman crossing on the Florida native cattle that gave the state's cattle industry its base cows for many of the great cattle herds that call Florida home: Lykes Brothers, A. Duda and Sons, Mormon's, Alico, the Babcock Florida Company, even our own Seminole herds.

These cattle have endured famine, insects, ticks, flies, mosquitoes, and harsh climates and will adapt well to the harsher tropical and sub-tropical environments. They also secrete sebum, an oily substance, from their skin - effective in repelling insects.

The above is from a March 2001 article about the Seminole Tribe's use of the Red Brahmam instead of the more common grey.

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jill said...

Very attractive lampposts Karen. Never thought of FL as a beef cattle state.

So are you packed? Got all your info together? So exciting!!

Z said...

I wonder if the Indians knew the cows were going to be served up as meals... :-)

I also would not have guessed that the word 'braham' was derived from 'brahman'. Hey, happy packing and safe travels. Have a great time in Paris! Enjoy those chestnuts!

Karen said...

Jill, I'm still not packed.. trying to fight off a cold and the coat I ordered is too long and no time to shorten it.. chaotic day today..

V,, the Braham was me misspelling Brahman.. late at night and tired.. didn't spell check..

magiceye said...

they are lovely decorative lampposts ..