Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This is my neighbor's tree.. The orange is about 1 inch across and his little tree is full of them. I need to find out the proper name for it. In the background is a bouganvilla that covers the back of the house and blooms a number of times during the year.

I just realized that yesterday was an aniversary.. One month since I started this blog.

Paris Countdown: 13 Days!


Olivier said...

bon anniversaire pour ton blog, un mois alors champagne........non alors un bon jus d'orange ;o))
good birthday for your blog, one month then champagne in ........ not then a good juice of orange ;o))

Isadora said...

When I first caught glance of the photo I tried to guess without looking at the location of the blog. In my mind the orange groves are associated with Sorrento, Italy.

Congratulations on your month anniversary. I just realized I passed a year most probably in October judging by the entries on the original blog :)

It was fun and now it is time to do other things.

Have a wonderful time in Paris. It is not one of my favorite cities, but without a doubt it is beautiful. (for me it lacks the lived-in sensuality of Rome)