Sunday, October 11, 2009

One of my favorite garden plants is the bromeliad. It requires no soil; very little watering; and looks beautiful. This one is happily growing under our sea grape.


Karen said...

These are so pretty. First time I saw one, I made the mistake of sticking my nose into it to see if it had a scent. It didn't but I had a bloody nose.

babbler said...

I used to sell alot of these plants when I worked in a flower shop in California. They were easy to sell except I had to warn the customers that the plant might poke them while trying to load it into the car!

Thanks for coming over to visit us at "Slug's Rest", I am going to follow your wonderful photo blog so I can see more! I have an Auntie slug in Florida, your blog reminds me to write or call her more often!

Warm and gooey regards,

Mrs. Slug