Sunday, October 18, 2009

Edison, Ford and Harvey Firestone tried to find a plant that would grow in Florida that would produce rubber. Consequently Edison planted many differen trees on his estate, include the huge banyan tree, which is in front of the Visitor's Center and the Mysore fig tree. It was interesting to see the botanical gardens and the laboratory and museum that are on the grounds of the estate.


Owen said...

What incredible trees Karen, wow, the roots on them ! Guess you're back from Paris ? Hope it was wonderful !

Sharon said...

Actually, it's Sharon, Karen's guest photographer still posting for her until the end of the month.
She is still having a ball in Paris.
Yes, the trees and everything on the estate was incredible.


gogouci said...

Very animated variety of trees. Great post.

Lois said...

I love banyan trees! My great grandfather had banyan trees in the yard of his house in Tampa.