Thursday, August 13, 2009

This fountain and statue are in Winter Park. A nice town on the northeast side of Orlando. Upscale shopping and dining and a nice walkable city. I met an Il Divo friend there last week. We went to the Morse Museum to see the Tiffany works, went to the farmer's market, walked through the park and then had lunch at Le Bistro, a very nice restaurant that is in back of the regular stores in a little alley. It was a nice afternoon except that on my way there a line of cars exiting the interstate were pulled over by the police and given tickets for turning right on red. I was the last one pulled over. I've been driving for 50 years and this was my first moving violation.
I've been trying to pay my ticket by phone but the automatic answering system keeps messing up and it also keeps saying that because of budget cuts, the wait will be longer.. Hahahah.. hopefully with all the tickets the police have been writing, they will be fully funded soon.
I did finally get through to someone and my ticket hadn't been put into the system yet. So I get to keep my money just a few days more.
I don't think I'l be returning to or suggesting Winter Park to my friends again.


Lois said...

Sounds like they have a real money making trap there! I had a cop follow me through traffic for a couple miles one time to give me a ticket for turning right on red. That is a beautiful fountain though!

Anonymous said...

That is a pretty interesting fountain, it reminds me of one that I have seen in Birmingham.