Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I met my inherited daughter and a friend for dinner at Downtown Disney last night. My favorite Virgin Megastore has been replaced with a Princess Diana Museum. They spent quite a bit of money redoing the building but it didn't seem to have many people paying the $14.50 to go inside to see the exhibits. According to reports, this is a temporary exhibit. Here's more.


Cezar and Léia said...

oh it's a double pit!Firs of all, I loved to go to Virgin's store to buy DVDS and CDS!
I admire a lot Princess Diana and I would like to visit this kind of exhibition!
thanks for the link

Peter said...

The enthusiasm is perhaps not there any more? I see hardly any flowers any more at the (false) "Diana scultpure" in Paris (in reality a copy of the flame of the Statue of Liberty). Few legends become eternal!

Lois said...

I loved that Virgin Megastore! This looks interesting though.

Karen said...

Cezar and Leia, Yes, but the exhibit is temporary. I don't know what will follow but I do miss my Virgin store. I loved riding the escalator.

Peter, I just posted a photo of the flame on my CollageMaven blog. You were with me when I photographed it.

Lois, I know. I don't know how interesting it is and probably won't find out. Too pricey for me. I can have lunch at Wolfgang Pucks for the admission price and that is much tastier.