Thursday, July 30, 2009

This male silverback gorilla was just sitting around when his young one decided to go running and started tumbling down the hill. Big Daddy ran and headed him off before he could tumble down into the moat.
Then he sat and guarded the area. The young one did check back but stayed out of reach before running back to his mother. This big fellow had such an intelligent look in his eyes.
My guest photographer for this photo taken at Busch Gardens is my inherited daughter, Vanessa. Below is a photo I took of her at the beach the next day.

Perhaps I should have titled this one "Beauty and the Beast"...


Anonymous said...

Vanessa is a beautiful lady and that Gorilla is as handsome as they come. And I am sure just as protective as any parents are. I think all animals are a lot smarter than most people give them credit for. Anyway, your photography is still a hit with me when I come here.

Thanks too for visiting my blogs and for the comments you leave there.

And I am finding that the shortage of birds and butterflies is not confined to America but is around the world of bloggers. They all report the same thing. I think it is all due to Global Warming. The same that President Bush and Karl Rove scoffed at. Remember that and that he wouldn't sign the Kyoto Treaty.

Lois said...

The gorilla is a beautiful animal. He certainly does look intelligent. I wonder what he thinks of us.