Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's spring and the little lizards are all over the place. I spotted this one from my office window and he and his lady love were making lizard love. By the time I grabbed my camera and went outside she had run off and he was resting.
These little guys are mistakenly called chameleons but are anoles, a cousin of the chameleon which is a bit bigger and not native to this area. Pet stores up north used to sell these and we would put little collars on them and wear them on our sweaters when I was in high school many, many years ago. Cute little buggers. My cats go crazy when one gets in the house. I've rescued quite a few of them over the years.
One species of Anole is green and a bit smaller than this brown one. It's been reported that these are more agressive and now outnumber the green ones.


Olivier said...

tu as de bon yeux, on dirait presque un caméléon.
you have of good eyes, they would say almost a chameleon.

Lois said...

These little guys love to get in between my window and my screen and taunt my cat during the day! I've had them get inside too and one time I even had a bunch of baby anoles in my house. They were running around all over the place--yikes!

Babooshka said...

What a cool image of this little guy.