Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our County Fair is going on right now and I should go and see it.. It's been years since I've gone. They also have the Siver Spurs Rodeo but I hate to see the animals mistreated so I've only gone once a long long time ago. This is the Ferris Wheel and it's one ride I do not like. Photo taken from the road..


Guy D said...

Great shot of the ferris wheel, looks like you are enjoying some pretty nice weather, I am envious. I added your blog to my followers list so I can return to see more of your great photography.

Have great a day!
Regina In Pictures

Olivier said...

j'adore les photos des grandes-roues, par contre jamais je ne monterais dessus ;o))
I love the photographs of the big - wheels, on the contrary never I would go up over ;o))

cieldequimper said...

Olivier beat me to it! ;-)

Virginia said...

Oh I thought that was the Grand Roué at Tuileries. Sadly non! I wouldn't go up either.

Jacob said...

Ferris wheels have never been my favorite thing, either, but most rides like that I can pass up.

That's a nice shot of the ferris wheel, though.